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Two Factor Authentication

Activating 2FA for the Citrix Access Gateway

Note: As a necessary security measure, only 2FA enabled users will be able to access our systems remotely. If you are not enabled for 2FA and feel you should be, please discuss your needs with your manager for consideration.

When accessing our Citrix Access Gateway, you will be presented with the following login page.

Enter your user ID, password, and click the “I accept the Terms and Conditions” checkbox. Then click the “Log On” button.

2FA instructions 1

If your user account is not enabled for 2FA, you will see the following screen. You will also see the following screen if you entered your User name or Password incorrectly.

Slowly and deliberately wins the race. 🙂

2FA instructions 2

If your DCHS account is activated for 2FA, you will see the following screen. Click “Start setup”

2FA instructions 3

It is recommended to continue your setup for a mobile device.

2FA instructions 4

Here is an example of adding a Mobile phone to your activation. After entering your mobile number, verify it is correct by checking the box, and click “Continue”

2FA instructions 5

We selected the Android option in this example.

Note: iPhone / IOS devices have a slightly different option for activation. This is reviewed later on this page “iPhone / IOS Device Example

2FA instructions 6

To activate your DUO account on your mobile device, you will see a 2-D Barcode for scanning to your device like the following. (Without the green checkmark)

2FA instructions 7

Next select your default authentication method and click “Continue to Login”.

2FA instructions 7

To use this you will need to install the DUO App on your device. Below is an example of the display for an Android device.

2FA instructions 8

Open your Duo App on your device and click the plus sign (+) sign in the upper right-hand corner to add your DCHS 2FA. If you have never use DUO Mobile before you will not need to press the plus sign first.

2FA instructions 9

This will automatically activate your camera and scan the barcode once you have it in focus on your phone while holding it steady.

Once activated, you should see the Green Check and can now click “Continue”.

2FA instructions 10

Once your Duo account is activated, you should see the following screen on your computer for 2FA.

2FA instructions 11

Here you have 3 options for the Dual Factor Authentication as seen in image above.

  1. ”Send Me a Push” uses the DUO app on your smartphone.
  2. “Call Me” uses a standard telephone number (landline or cell phone) to process your second form of authentication.
  3. “Enter a Passcode” sends a passcode to your mobile device. This process sends a passcode to your mobile device via text message.
2FA instructions 12

Once the second form of authentication is processed, you will be logged into StoreFront via the Citrix Access Gateway with 2FA, (2 factor authentication) so you can access your applications and begin working.

2FA instructions 13

iPhone / iOS Device Example

After entering your phone number and clicking “Continue” it may automatically detect you have an iPhone and present this screen next.

2FA instructions 14

After clicking “Verify” you will receive this screen providing you entered the code correctly. You will see a green check mark next to the “Verify” button. Click the “Continue” button.

2FA instructions 15

Next you will be prompted to choose your default settings for 2FA on your device. We recommend choosing “Ask me to choose an authentication method”. This way depending on your circumstances you will have alternate methods to receive your “one time use” 2FA code when logging into our system.
After choosing your default option click “Continue to Login”.

2FA instructions 16

Your final step will be to select your 2FA method for logging to Citrix. If you selected the recommended default in the previous step above, this screen will be presented to you every time you attempt to login to our Citrix Access Gateway,

Select one of the 3 methods to receive your 2FA “one time use” code as seen in the example below.

2FA instructions 17

Option 1: “Send Me a Push”. You will need to have your Duo mobile app open on your phone. Click the “Send Me a Push” button.

2FA instructions 18

You should get a request at the top of your app in a green bar. Tap the green bar to continue.

2FA instructions 19

Next you will see this screen in your app. Tap the Approve button before the request expires. If you wait too long to tap “Approve” you will receive an error and will need to start over with your login process.

After tapping “Approve” on your phone your computer screen will advance to your Citrix program icons so you are ready to begin working.

2FA instructions 20

Option 2: “Call Me”. After clicking the “Call Me” button Duo will call you phone. Upon answering you will be prompted as follows;

“Welcome to DUO, if you are not expecting this call, please hang up. Otherwise, please press any key on your phone to login.” After pressing any key the auto attendant voice will state, “Thank you, good bye.”

This will be presented with your Citrix program icons so you are ready to begin working.

Option 3: “Enter a Passcode”. Click the “Enter a Passcode” button. The screen button will change to “Log In” and the box to the left will be selectable to enter your code. Click the “Text me new codes” button. Check your text messages for the new temporary code. Enter this in the box to the left of the “Log In” button and click the “Log In”.

2FA instructions 21

After clicking “Log In” you will be presented with your Citrix program icons so you are ready to begin working.

2FA instructions 22


if at any time you receive a 2FA push notification, text message or phone call that you did not initiate, DO NOT accept the request and contact our help desk (x5505) to report this for follow-up by our security team.