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Telehealth Brings Healthcare to People at Home

IRON MOUNTAIN - Dickinson County Healthcare is expanding telehealth services to the community. Patients can have a real-time
visit with their provider by using their mobile devices, computer or telephone. This service could not come at a better time for
people staying at home due to COVID-19, because basic health care needs are not going away because of the pandemic.

Patients can request a telehealth visit by calling for an appointment at 906-776-5800, just as they would for an in-person visit. After
answering a few questions, the patient is given an appointment time and instructions for how to connect with the provider with
the technology they have at home. During a visit, the patient and provider can discuss health care conditions and symptoms and
care plans. If using video, the provider can advise the patient based on what they see with issues such as rashes or injuries.

“The community needs this service right now”, says Korby Howell, PA-C, Dickinson County Healthcare Family Medicine Provider.
“This is an unprecedented time, and we’re doing all we can to make sure our patients stay healthy – even though many folks are
spending most of their time at home. We don’t want to see people neglecting their basic health care and having a smaller health
concern turn into a real health problem if untreated. A Telehealth visit is a great way to make sure you are doing the right things -
right now to stay healthy” adds Howell.

Telehealth is a perfect opportunity for many patients to get the health care they need from the comfort and safety of their home.
Some people may have a hard time getting to the clinic because of their health condition or transportation issues. Others may
have children and find it difficult to bring the whole family to the providers office. And others simply prefer the privacy of their
own home for discussing health issues.

A Telehealth visit is a perfect way to overcome all of these barriers and to overcome the barriers put in place by the COVID-19

Telehealth Manager, Trenton Rankin stressed that if during a telehealth visit, if the provider and patient determine that
in-person treatment is necessary, Dickinson County Healthcare System hospital and clinics have procedures in place to treat
patients on site safely.

“It is important that patients receive the correct care and in the correct environment, with the utmost concern for safety,” Rankin
says “We are here to serve the community each and every day. Keeping control of your health is important for everyone. Just
because we may have to remain close to home does not mean that basic health care should stop!”
To schedule a telehealth appointment, call Dickinson County Healthcare at 906-776-5800.