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Patient Testimonials

Dickinson County Healthcare often receives messages from patients, family and friends with appreciation of the care they have received. We have shared a number of their messages below. Names and patient identifying information has been removed to respect patient privacy. 

  • "I just want to commend the Doctors and Staff of the E.D. for their care, compassion, and expertise. These are a superior group of people that truly excel at their chosen profession.  I am thankful to all of the people that I came in contact with during this time."

  • "I brought my very ill 6 year old in to the pediatric office and received amazing care from Sam, Cheryl and Kim. They were patient, kind and were absolutely thorough. Sam called this morning to follow up with me about my daughter and her sincere concern for my daughter's health was reassuring. Thank you to the Peds clinic for amazing care. Unfortunately, my daughter needed to endure the daunting experience of getting bloodwork. She was scared and quite honestly, freaking right out. John K. invited her in and instantly took care of her like he had known her his whole life. He got down to her level and explained what was to be done. He was patient, used humor that she appreciated, and quick. I am thankful for his positive interaction with her as it certainly made her more comfortable under the circumstances. I cannot speak highly enough about our interaction with your employees. Thank you."

  • "I just wanted to share with you my recent experience with the DCHS surgical department.  Last week my 4 year old son was scheduled to have a minor surgery with Dr. Donohue and I cannot say enough good things about the wonderful staff.  The nurses were absolutely amazing.  Never having experienced a surgery before, the nurses made us feel so comfortable and treated our son as if he were the only patient there.  They walked us step by step through the entire process until we were completely comfortable.  We were very confident that he was in the best hands possible. I was so pleased with the entire staff, I cannot stress enough how truly impressed I am with the level of care at DCHS."

  • "Recently, we had the opportunity to use DCHS’s Cardiac Diagnostic Department with our infant son. This is where we met Sandy, as she administered our son’s echocardiograms when he was 4 months and six months old. We cannot begin to express our sincere appreciation of Sandy, and we feel so grateful that she was there for both tests.

    We cannot find the right words to describe how wonderful Sandy was! When our son’s first test was administered, her knowledge and sense of calmness and comfort put us at ease. She was very tender, compassionate and patient with our son, and took extra care to make sure that she took good quality images (even though he was wiggly and fussy). We left the hospital feeling much more relaxed than when we entered, but we also had a sense of peace and happiness knowing that someone took so much pride and care into their job and, subsequently, helping our son.

    When we returned for his 6-month appointment, we were beyond thrilled to learn that Sandy would be administering this test as well. She remembered how we were, which meant a lot to us! Her interactions with our son were so gentle and caring, and again, we were put at ease. Sandy must love her job, because that love surely exudes from her smile and mannerisms."

  • "The doctors, nurses, and Chuck in Hyperbarics worked hard to get me from a point of nearly losing my foot to complete healing. I also have to give Carol at the front desk loads of credit for being able to juggle the schedules for me so I could work around my other medical appointments with ACU and now Physical Therapy. She is a wizard in making it all happen. I have a permanent disability with my right foot but thanks to them I can start resuming a normal life again. It is astonishing how professional and yet family-like they are with themselves and the patients. I feel confident I can count on them to help me with any other issues I may face in the future."

  • "I want to express my gratitude for the service that I experienced Saturday night. My son cut his hand while field dressing his first ever buck taken with a bow. From the time we entered the urgent care facility until we left the staff performed with extreme professionalism and I could tell their main objective was to give the best customer care possible.  Please pass along my sincere thanks to the team that was working that night. They set the bar at a high level when it comes to treating people as their number one priority."