Hospital Medicine

Specializing in excellent inpatient care

24/7/365 care for patients staying in the hospital

Caring for you is what we do best — so we are proud to bring you the added value of around-the-clock care for all patients staying in the hospital. Our excellent team of board-certified hospitalists are available via in-room telemedicine sessions and in-person.

During your stay, our hospitalist team monitors your condition, consults with your personal doctor, answers any questions you or your family may have and provides medical care when you need it. Because they are available at any point in the day, you will have more efficient medical attention, faster pain relief and easy access to specialists and urgent care.

Your hospitalist physician will provide you with the information and excellent care you need until you can see your personal doctor. Upon discharge, your hospitalist will share your follow-up care instructions with your doctor so the next time they see you, they will know exactly what you need to heal and get back to normal

Your Board Certified Hospitalist Team

troy ahlstrom
Troy Warren Ahlstrom, MD
Dr David Friar
David Friar, MD
Kenneth W. Friar, MD, SFHM
Richard Woodbury, MD
Megan Land, FNP
Oliver Dimitrijevic, MD
Chaitanya Brundavanam, MD
Phillip Dooley, MD
Emma foster
Emma Foster, PA
Wael Khouli, MD