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Patient/Visitor Information

The amenities and services you can expect during your stay

Welcome to excellent hospital care.


Our hospital chapel is located just past the elevators near the main lobby. The chapel is open 24 hours a day and all faiths are welcome. If you would like to see your clergy, please notify the nursing staff to make arrangements for you.

Food Service

While in the hospital, your doctor will prescribe a diet for you. All patients, regardless of their diet, are given a varied menu from which to choose their meals. A patient’s cultural, religious and ethnic food preferences are honored whenever possible, unless contraindicated by their medical condition.


When coming to the hospital, please bring a list of medications currently prescribed by your doctor and any over-the-counter medications and supplements you are taking. The information should include dosages and how often you take those medications. All medications you take while in our facility must be prescribed by your doctor, dispensed by the hospital pharmacy, and administered by a nurse.

Patients and their families are not permitted to administer their own drugs or keep personal medication at their bedside, unless directed by their physician.


All inpatient rooms have telephones so that patients may keep in touch with friends and family. Local calls can be made at no charge by dialing 9, area code, then the number. Long distance calls may be charged to a calling card or a patient’s home number, or a patient may make a collect call. 

Patients may receive calls directly in their rooms or through the main hospital switchboard. Dickinson’s main switchboard number is (906) 774-1313. Within the hospital, the switchboard may be reached by dialing 0.

Patient Rounding

We provide hourly rounding to our unit to ensure that you receive excellent care. We round every hour day and night. If at any time during your stay you have questions or concerns, please ask your nurse.

No Smoking

Our entire campus including the hospital, medical building and clinics are smoke free. Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of any building. While you are a patient with us, our number one focus is on improving your health and getting you ready to leave the hospital.

Flowers and Mail & Visiting Hours

Flowers can be delivered to the hospital. Poinsettia plants and latex balloons are restricted in the hospital due to latex allergies and the risk they may cause some patients and our staff. Any mail received after discharge will be forwarded to the patient’s home.

Mail should be addressed:

Patient Name and Room Number
1721 S. Stephenson Avenue
Iron Mountain, MI 49801

Visiting Hours, when allowed, are from 5:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

For complete visitor restrictions, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Patient Satisfaction

The administration and staff at Dickinson want to ensure your stay at our facility is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Your satisfaction is very important to us. While you are a patient, if you or your family members have a question or concern about your care, please let us know right away so that we may address it promptly. You may direct your comments or questions to any staff member. Patient Advocacy is also available to assist if at any time you feel you are not being treated fairly and compassionately. To be connected to Patient Advocacy, please call (906) 774-1313.

Patient Advocacy
1721 South Stephenson Avenue
Iron Mountain, MI 49801
(906) 774-1313

Cellular Phones

The use of cellular telephones is limited to the lobby and waiting areas of the hospital and hospital administrative office areas. Cell phones should never be used in patient care rooms or anywhere within the Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, or Emergency Departments. Cell phone restrictions exist because the use of a cell phone can interrupt the normal operation of medical equipment.

Hospitalist Care

A hospitalist may be assigned to assist with your care. A hospitalist is a physician whose primary professional focus is the medical care of hospitalized patients, which often includes surgical consults regarding patients with underlying medical conditions and the medical management of patients in the Intensive Care Unit. The hospitalist works in collaboration with the patient’s primary care physician directing the care of the patient until time of discharge. If at any time you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to have your nurse contact the hospitalist on duty.

Joint Commissions Office

The public may contact the Joint Commission’s Office of Quality Monitoring regarding your stay by calling (800) 994-6610 or e-mailing To find out more visit the Joint Commission’s website.

Privacy Rights

Your privacy is very important to us. Read our Privacy Notice for a complete description of our policy concerning patient rights.