Emergency department doctor treating a child

Ready for emergencies—for even your youngest family members

Eventually, it happens to all parents—a child quickly becomes ill or has an accident and breaks a bone—and you need to take a trip to the emergency department. We know how scary it can be for both the parents and the child. Rest assured, the Emergency Department team at DCH is ready to give your child individualized medical attention whenever he or she needs it.

Although our pediatric team is not on the emergency staff, our board-certified emergency doctors are fully trained and ready to care for most pediatric health emergencies, from broken bones to fevers, ear infections, and everything in between. Additionally, our pediatric team is always on call to provide consult and assistance. Once the immediate emergency is addressed, one of our three board-certified pediatricians can provide follow-up care to help your child heal.

Sometimes your child might require an even higher, advanced level of care. When that happens, our emergency team will directly connect you to one of the very best children’s hospitals in a 500-mile range. Our ground and air transports are always available and we will choose the best mode of transportation based on the urgency level needed. Our emergency team will communicate the entire case to the health care system so that once you arrive, you can be cared for right away.

Dickinson County Healthcare has been working diligently on a revitalized Emergency Department which includes a complete renovation of over 10,000 sq. ft. of patient care area, including private care rooms with breakaway glass, negative pressure treatment rooms, a respiratory care suite, and two triage rooms. The new Emergency Department will be fully operational in October 2021.