Safe Sledding Recommendations to Prevent Injury


The thrill of riding down a snowy, icy hill can quickly turn from fun to tragedy.  There are approximately 45,000 sledding injuries treated in U.S. emergency rooms yearly.


  • Wear a helmet.
  • Always supervise young children.
  • Dress warmly.  Wear heavy gloves and boots to prevent cuts and bruises.
  • A steerable wooden sled with flexible metal runners is recommended for ages 6-12.
  • Inner tubes, saucers, and Sno disks are not recommended because of their fast speed and lack of steering.

  • Find a safe place to sled.  Avoid steep hills, rocky hills, the street, driveways, icy surfaces, and areas with trees, walls, or cars.
  • Sled ride in daytime and in well-lit areas.
  • Tell children to NEVER ride in a sled being pulled by a vehicle or ride into a snowbank which may have hidden dangers.
  • Never use alcohol or drugs while sledding or while supervising children who are sledding.

Download a copy of the Safe Sledding flier PDF

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