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Diabetes Care

Diabetes Services

Diabetes is a complex disease that can have serious complications.

Our Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDCES) and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are part of an integrative health care team that work closely with your Primary Health Care Provider to help you learn how to better manage your diabetes and prevent or delay complications/ health risks associated with Diabetes.

We start with a plan & teach you how to follow it.

Our team will personalize a diabetes self-management plan that meets your individual needs and is easy for you to follow. In our relaxed learning environment we help you to set goals to improve your overall health. We give you the necessary information and teach you the important skills needed to reach your goals and better manage your diabetes.

You are in good hands.

Our staff consists of Registered Nurses and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists who are CDCES. They are also Certified Insulin Pump Trainers. Our staff holds memberships and are affiliated with the American Diabetes Association (ADA), Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES), Upper Peninsula Diabetes Outreach Network (UPDON), and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND).

When should I request a referral to a diabetes education program?

  • When you are newly diagnosed or if you haven’t participated in diabetes education before
  • Annually
  • When managing your diabetes becomes more difficult or you’re not meeting blood sugar targets
  • When new health issues or complications arise
  • When starting a new medication (insulin or steroids)
  • When changes and transitions in life and care occur

The Dickinson Diabetes and Nutrition Services Clinic provides the following services in a friendly, relaxed learning environment that is conveniently located.

We offer individual and group diabetes self-management education appointments, medical nutrition therapy, continue glucose monitoring, and telehealth to meet the needs of the patients we serve. 

To become a patient of the Dickinson Diabetes and Nutrition Services Clinic, we encourage you to talk to your doctor/healthcare provider regarding the benefits of this program. We are willing to assist you by sending a referral to your physician in order to take advantage of our service. This helps us to work as a team with your physician to provide you with the best care possible.

This is a certified program and is covered by many plans, including Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurances. As with all healthcare services, you should check to see if this is a covered benefit of your plan.

Patients will be responsible for deductible, co-payments and any non-covered services. Dickinson County Healthcare System has a special payment plan for patients who may have financial difficulties.

To contact the Dickinson Diabetes and Nutrition Services Clinic, please call (906) 776-5470.