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Sleep Disorders

Good quality, restorative sleep is critical to your overall health

In our fast paced world with its 24 / 7 work week, it has become part of our work ethic to put sleep at the bottom of our To Do lists. But a good quality, restorative sleep is important for overall health. Undiagnosed and untreated sleep disorders rob people of both the quality and quantity of sleep they need to remain healthy and can lead to complex health problems in the future.

Everyone has a restless night now and then. But if those "restless nights" seem to be more regular than infrequent, it is important that people see a sleep professional for help.

At the sleep disorders center, a physician board certified in sleep medicine provides a thorough evaluation. The center employs a staff of nationally registered sleep technicians and has been awarded national accreditation. Services provided include complete diagnostics using a variety of sleep studies, on-site interpretation of sleep studies, and a variety of treatment options. Special expertise in pediatric sleep disorders is a hallmark of the U.P. Sleep Disorders Center.

We also work directly with Dickinson Home Medical Equipment Services to guarantee the availability of equipment that patients need for treatment. This provides a seamless transition from diagnostic test to home treatment.

You DO NOT need a referral from your doctor to access the services of the Center. We have locations in both Iron Mountain, MI and Bark River, MI.

The following care providers are available at the U.P. Sleep Disorders Center:


         John A. Sand, DO


          Alexis Whaley, MD

Jacilyn Meinol, NP

To contact the U.P. Sleep Disorders Center, please call (906) 776-5840.