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Stay Active – Stay Healthy

Competitive athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts need the very best care when an injury slows them down. The faster you can get back to full strength, the faster you can enjoy doing what you love the most. Whether you’re facing lasting pain from a nagging sports injury or dealing with a more serious, immediate injury, it’s important to work with an orthopedic doctor to make sure you land back on your feet and your injuries heal properly.

You might remember the exact moment it happened—the crunch of your leg, the pop of your knee, the shooting pain through your shoulder. While some nagging sports injuries can have lifelong impacts on your body, it is time to revisit them with an orthopedic doctor if your pain level changes, you have decreased daily function, or your symptoms start to restrict your ability to perform in sports activities. Whether you’re dealing with an old injury or facing something more serious like a broken bone or extreme muscle strain, you need a personalized healing plan to get back on your feet.

From the surgeons to nurses, your local orthopedic team at Marshfield Clinic – Dickinson always has your best interests in mind and prioritizes your healing to ensure you have the best care plan for your personal situation. With the most advanced technology in the region, our doctors and therapists can quickly diagnose your pain and create a personalized healing plan, just for you.

Dr. Melissa Koenig, orthopedic doctor who specializes in sports medicine says, “Untreated orthopedic injuries can have permanent effects on your body like pain, deformities, and joint damage. When you have an injury—whether you think it is serious or not—you should consult our orthopedic and physical therapy team to ensure proper healing and keep you active.”

More often than not, the path to healing a sports injury starts with physical therapy before exploring surgical solutions. The orthopedic and physical therapy teams at MCHS – Dickinson work closely together to ensure your care is exactly what you need… at exactly the right time. When you get back to your everyday activities without pain, we know life is better for you.

Melissa Koenig, MD, is a member of the area’s largest orthopedic and physical therapy team at MCHS – Dickinson. A graduate of Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University and board certified in orthopedic surgery, Koenig specializes in foot and ankle orthopedic care and sports medicine. Koenig practices at the Orthopedic Practice at Dickinson – Marshfield Medical Center in Iron Mountain.