Dickinson often receives messages from patients, family and friends expressing appreciation for the care they have received. We have shared a number of their messages below. Names and identifying information have been removed to respect patient privacy.

"Today I was in the emergency department and saw a NP for back and joint pain. As a veteran and employee of the VA, I have not gotten the best care at my urgent care. The staff at your facility today we're polite, friendly, smiling, and more than anything they truly listened to me and listened to what has been going on. Fantastic job, DCHS ED!!!!"
"I just wanted to share with you my recent experience with the DCHS surgical department. Last week my 4 year old son was scheduled to have a minor surgery with Dr. Donohue and I cannot say enough good things about the wonderful staff. The nurses were absolutely amazing. Never having experienced a surgery before, the nurses made us feel so comfortable and treated our son as if he were the only patient there. They walked us step by step through the entire process until we were completely comfortable. We were very confident that he was in the best hands possible. I was so pleased with the entire staff, I cannot stress enough how truly impressed I am with the level of care at DCHS."
"We thank you for the care that you gave our son as a recent COVID-19 patient. The genuine concern and attention of all of you helped us get through a very difficult time. We were treated with the utmost respect and compassion. Our son is back home and doing well. Words cannot express how grateful we are."
"My mom recently spent some time at DCH, and I noticed the care she received was exceptional. My opinion of the nursing staff, “150% above what should be expected of a nurse”. Also, “I tell everyone that states they are going to Green Bay for care, why would you go out of town when we have an amazing hospital in our own home town”. Thank you for the great care!"
“My husband was seen by Dr. Eric Johnson in the emergency department. He had a high fever and was septic. I want to express my deep appreciation for the diagnostic acumen of Dr. Johnson in recognizing that my husband potentially had a case of Lyme's disease. I was impressed that he ordered a procalcitonin test to support the diagnosis of bacterial sepsis versus viral. He personally called me at home to discuss the treatment and follow up recommendations. As he suspected, the original Lyme test was negative and needed to be repeated later by his primary care physician. It was indeed positive - 11 days later. We were both impressed with the care my husband received in the emergency department.”
“I just wanted to tell you how amazing Dr. Toth is! He and his nursing staff saved my son's life. Dr. Toth was absolutely amazing and provided the best care to my son. He was compassionate, understanding, relatable and personable. He really cared about my son and it showed. The nurse that was working in the ED was amazing as well. When my son stopped breathing, I started to cry and she was able to console me and still help my son at the same time. I am thankful for the staff that worked with my son because they saved his life!”
“Thank you to the DCH team from our family for great care our Mom received while in the ICU. Whenever we spoke with her by phone, she always said how fantastic the nurses were and that they were taking care of everything.”
"I would love to thank the OB staff for taking such great care of me. In particular, Tillie. I am 35 weeks pregnant and had felt very weak, nauseous headache, etc. and decided to come in to get checked out. When I entered the OB, Tillie was my nurse and she was fantastic! She was very professional, thorough, and took extra steps to ensure all was well. I can only hope to have her as my nurse when it is time to have my little girl. Thank you, Tillie and all OB staff."
"I want to say thank you to Dickinson Orthopedic Practice for the care I recently received. I want to thank and compliment all the staff at that office, specifically mentioning Lane PA-C, Casey, and Heidi. Dickinson Healthcare is my choice for care with referrals elsewhere as needed. I am pleased with the care we have received from all DCH services and I am so grateful for our local healthcare system. Just an added thank you, also, to my primary care and gynecology providers, Dickinson Internal Medicine & Nephrology Clinic, and Dickinson OB/GYN Services (Robyn PA-C) and the staff at these offices. Take care, be safe, and thanks for being there for us."
"I would really like to thank my attending nurse from my stay in December 2019. I’m assuming I was in ICU. Her name was Amy. She was pretty much there every day on first shift with me. I pray for her every day and will never forget her or Heidi. Heidi cared for me when I had my first bout in September of 2019. I’ve been in the arms of both these angels. They brought me back with their kind words and gentle ways. They are the best. My hope is you being able to help me once more."
"I just want to commend the Doctors and Staff of the E.D. for their care, compassion, and expertise. These are a superior group of people that truly excel at their chosen profession. I am thankful to all of the people that I came in contact with during this time."
"I brought my very ill 6 year old in to the pediatric office and received amazing care from Sam, Cheryl and Kim. They were patient, kind and were absolutely thorough. Sam called this morning to follow up with me about my daughter and her sincere concern for my daughter's health was reassuring. Thank you to the Peds clinic for amazing care. Unfortunately, my daughter needed to endure the daunting experience of getting bloodwork. She was scared and quite honestly, freaking right out. John K. invited her in and instantly took care of her like he had known her his whole life. He got down to her level and explained what was to be done. He was patient, used humor that she appreciated, and quick. I am thankful for his positive interaction with her as it certainly made her more comfortable under the circumstances. I cannot speak highly enough about our interaction with your employees. Thank you."
"I sincerely would like to thank all of you for the care you have given my brother. It's been almost a month since he was taken to the ED, and then was admitted to the ICU....You all have been so caring and patient! I really appreciate it and know you all work hard and don't receive the credit you deserve! I appreciate all of you!