emergency department

What makes a great community emergency department?

No one likes taking a visit to the Emergency Department. It can be a very unsettling experience, whether you are the patient or not. That’s why it’s so important to have a great community Emergency Department—one that is designed to deliver the very best care possible in every emergency situation.

Most importantly, an Emergency Department must be safe and easy to access in all weather conditions… especially when you live in a region that sees snow for six months of the year. Whether you are going to the ED on your own, getting a ride from someone else, or being transported via ambulance, it is critical that you can get there safely and as quickly as possible.

Once you arrive, the emergency team should be ready to provide you with quick and excellent care. Kind and caring staff should greet you, assess your emergency, and send you to a board-certified emergency doctor that is always on duty to provide care. During your time at the ED, the staff should provide you and your family with constant communication. While waiting to see the doctor, there should be comfortable areas available for you and your family.

During care itself, a great Emergency Department should have private treatment areas and quick access to advanced diagnostic technology needed to best assess every emergency. The emergency team should have the tools they need to provide you with excellent treatment on-site, and, if necessary, fast and comfortable transport to advanced emergency care out of the area.

Dickinson County Healthcare is proud to be continuously improving its great Emergency Department, including a complete renovation of over 10,000 sq. ft. of patient care area, including private care rooms with breakaway glass, negative pressure treatment rooms, a respiratory care suite, and two triage rooms. The new Emergency Department will be fully operational in October 2021.

Eric Johnson, MD, is the ED Physician, Systems Medical Director at DCH. Previously, he served as Director of Emergency Medical and Trauma Services. Before joining DCH, Dr. Johnson served as a Military Expeditionary and Aerospace Physician. Dr. Johnson attended the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University.